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What Causes Knee Pain?

If you are experiencing acute pain, chronic pain, or chronic discomfort in one or both of your knees, consider connecting with a knowledgeable Collegeville, PA knee pain doctor at Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania. Depending upon what is causing your pain, the severity of your pain, how long your pain has been plaguing you, and a host of other factors, we may be able to craft a treatment plan that could mitigate – or even eliminate – your pain.

It is important to understand that while no medical provider can guarantee the outcome of a treatment plan, working with an experienced knee pain specialist can better help to ensure that your quality of life is improved to the fullest possible extent under the circumstances. Knee pain can be difficult to live with. If knee pain is severe enough, it can be debilitating. Seeking treatment for your knee pain can potentially help you to sleep better, to become more active, and to generally have and more positive quality of life. Therefore, even though it can be difficult to get your hopes up with no guarantee of a result, it is important to know that you have done everything that you could to better ensure that if your knee pain is treatable that you have sought the assistance necessary to achieve the maximum favorable result possible under the circumstances.

Common Knee Pain Causes

Perhaps the most common cause of knee pain that we treat at Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania is advancing age. No part of the body is immune from the passage of time. Unfortunately, wear and tear on joints tends to be a painful process that ultimately results and decreased mobility, decreased function, and an at least somewhat impaired quality of life. It has been estimated repeatedly but as many as 100 million Americans suffer from chronic knee pain. It is safe to say but the majority of sufferers experienced knee pain, at least to some degree, as a result of the aging process.

Other common sources of knee pain include excessive weight, trauma, chronic health conditions such as rheumatological inflammation, athletic injuries, and overuse injuries. Each of these causes needs to be treated in slightly different ways, as it is not effective to treat an athlete who has torn something in their knee with the same approaches as one would treat a sedentary individual in their 80s who suffers from chronic osteoarthritis.

Can Knee Pain Be Treated Effectively?

Most of the time, knee pain can be effectively mitigated, managed, and may even be eliminated if proper treatments are administered by those who know what they’re doing. For example, our practice has witnessed excellent results when certain knee pain patients have been administered knee injections. Although we cannot guarantee that our approaches will eliminate your knee pain, the dedicated team at Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania will do our utmost to ensure the most favorable treatment outcomes possible under the unique circumstances that you’re facing.