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Should You Get Knee Injections?

If you are suffering from acute knee pain as a result of a trauma or chronic knee pain for any reason whatsoever, you may benefit from speaking with an experienced Phoenixville, PA knee pain doctor that local patients trust. So often, knee pain patients are under the impression that there is nothing to be done about their pain. They spend their days popping over-the-counter medications, trying to apply heat and/or ice when they can, and fret over whether they’re ever going to regain the quality of life they had before their knee(s) became such a problem. At Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania, we offer hope to knee pain patients that there may be, indeed, one or more things that you can do to mitigate – or even eliminate your suffering.

Of course, not every treatment and pain mitigation technique works for every patient. There are, indeed, circumstances under which knee replacement surgery or some other significant form of medical intervention is really the only option that is viable for a specific patient’s circumstances. However, there are therapies and treatments that do not require surgery that work for many knee pain patients who struggle with either acute or chronic symptoms. For example, the experienced team at Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania often recommends that knee pain patients try knee injections as a way to minimize pain and promote healing.

Knee Injections – The Basics

Our practice takes a specific approach to knee injections that is not embraced by every other medical practice that performs this procedure. Specifically, we use a specialized medical tool to locate the spot near the knee where insertion of the solution in the injection will have the greatest chance of doing the greatest good. All too often, knee injection therapy is performed blind. Blind injections involved a physician placing an injection where they believe it might do some good but in a spot that has not been verified as the best possible place to make the injection via an ultrasound or other precise diagnostic tool. It has been widely estimated that approximately four out of every 10 blind injections made in the knees of patients do absolutely no good because they have been placed incorrectly. Our team takes no chances. If you get a knee injection, we will make sure that it is best placed to make maximum impact for your benefit.

Additionally, our knee injections are made of a solution produced by a patient’s own bodily processes. This means that the patient receiving the injection will almost certainly not reject that injection or react to it in any negative way. Many patients feel instant relief after receiving a knee injection. However, by using a natural substance to perform injections, the absolute worst that our patients can generally say is that their injection had no effect on them. With that said, Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania has an excellent track record of inspiring excellent results for our patients via these injections.