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What Are Some Common Symptoms Of Knee Pain?

Your knees are dealing with all of your body weight, so every time that you walk and run your knee joint is dealing with all of that pressure. This means that your knees are quite literally responsible for holding you upright and in many cases, your knees are going to hold you up very well. But what happens if you find yourself with injury, illness or a chronic condition that makes your knees function with pain? 

You may have a lot of questions, such as what are the common symptoms of knee pain? The orthopedic knee doctors in Pottstown PA available at Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania are here to help you with all of your knee-related questions. Read down below to learn the answers to some of the most common questions about knee pain from the orthopedic knee doctor in Pottstown, PA.

What are some common symptoms of knee pain?

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Weakness
  • Locking
  • Clicking

This is not a full and complete list, simply some of the most common symptoms you might experience if you are experiencing knee pain. If you are experiencing the pain you should talk to an orthopedic knee doctor in Pottstown PA to ensure that you are evaluated fully for underlying causes and treated properly. 

When should I go to a doctor for knee pain?

You should go to your doctor for knee pain if there is been no change or improvement in your knee after three weeks, because it is essential not to let you suffer, and it is essential to treat the underlying cause of your knee pain so that you can live a pain-free life whereas pain-free of a life as your physician is able to give you.

How do I know if my knee pain is serious?

If you are not positive about how serious your knee pain is, this means you are likely not sure if you need an orthopedic knee doctor in Pottstown, PA or if you need to see a doctor at all. That’s okay, we’ll tell you what to look for. If your knee is swelling or you see any deformities, then you should see a doctor and perhaps be referred to an orthopedic new doctor in Pottstown, PA. If you are unable to straighten your legs fully, if your knee cannot support you, or if you have a fever, it may be associated with swelling and redness of your knee. Your orthopedic knee doctor in Pottstown, PA is going to diagnose her condition and devise a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to you and your condition.

Is walking good for knee pain?

Depending on the cause of knee pain, walking can be a very good thing. However, it can be something not recommended for certain treatment plans or injuries. If you have arthritis in your knee, then walking can help you ease that pain because the motion is going to some blood to your knee joint.