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Orthopedic Knee Doctor Reading, PA

Orthopedic Knee Doctor Reading, PA

Knee pain is a common issue for many people, but if not treated early on it can lead to more serious health complications down the road, as an orthopedic knee doctor in Reading, PA can explain. Chronic knee pain can be caused by a number of things, such as aging, physical activities, and sudden accidents. If you have been suffering from knee pain and have tried other remedies or traditional treatments such as surgery, our office can be of help. We specialize in treating patients with non-invasive options. Don’t delay treatment for your chronic knee pain. To explore your treatment options, schedule an appointment with a trusted doctor or specialist from Premier Osteoarthritis Centers today. 

Orthopedic Knee Doctor in Reading, PA

Our skilled and experienced staff at Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania have been helping patients find relief from knee and joint pain for years. As trained and certified professionals, we are experienced in various treatments and therapies. 

Standard treatments such as blind injections don’t always produce effective and long-lasting results. Our center is distinguished for the advanced procedure that we offer to our patients. We have a different approach to administering injections, resulting in a much higher success rate. Our patients have seen positive results not long after receiving their injections. Schedule an appointment with us to see if you may be a good candidate for the procedure. 

Knee pain from an injury or other condition should be treated as early as possible, otherwise your pain may get worse. Contact a top orthopedic knee doctor who serves the Reading, Pennsylvania community today if you want to know how you can relieve your pain. 

Targeting the Source of Your Knee Pain 

An orthopedic knee doctor based in Reading, Pennsylvania specializes in the musculoskeletal system and conditions that affect it. This includes the bones, muscles, joints, cartilage, ligaments and nerves. Sometimes knee pain is caused by issues in other parts of the body, so a knee doctor will conduct a complete physical exam to see what may be causing your knee pain. 

You should arrange a visit to see a knee pain specialist if your condition has not improved or has even worsened. They will make a diagnosis and look for the underlying source of pain. It is not recommended that you self-diagnose your knee condition. There may be internal issues that you may not be able to see. Your pain may point to a more serious condition that may require a more aggressive treatment plan developed by a doctor.  

If you have tried the usual approaches to treating knee pain, you may benefit from coming to our center. Because we emphasize natural, non-invasive treatments that don’t involve surgery or the prescription of pills, you don’t have to be concerned about potential side effects. 

Non-Invasive Treatment Options Are Available

You don’t need to resort to risky procedures such as surgery or pills to get rid of knee pain once and for all. Get the help you need to eliminate your pain. Schedule an appointment with a skilled and trusted orthopedic knee doctor in Reading, PA and find out more about the services available at our facility.