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Knee Reconstruction Doctor Pottstown, PA

Knee Reconstruction Doctor Pottstown, PAKnee joint pain can have a devastating effect on a person’s life. Over time, a decision may need to be made between a patient and their doctor on whether it is time to consider replacing the knee. However, many patients in Pennsylvania who are facing this decision may not have to go to that extreme since knee reconstruction may be a better option. If you are at this point, a knee reconstruction doctor Pottstown, PA patients recommend can advise what your options are.

What Is Knee Reconstruction?

Knee reconstruction is the surgery that is used to repair the knee and restore its full function. Surgical technologies and techniques have come a long way and instead of a patient having only one option of completely replacing the knee joint with an artificial joint, doctors can repair the joint itself. When a joint is replaced, the bone and tissues are replaced with man-made materials. When the knee is reconstructed, the knee surgeon Pottstown, PA families trust preserves the natural tissue and bone, salvaging the patient’s knee joint.

Knee replacement completely removes the damaged joint and replaces it with the artificial joint. In some cases, the knee joint may be so damaged, such as from traumatic injury or degenerative disease, that reconstruction is not an option. Another option is a partial knee replacement procedure. With this type of surgery, the doctor will preserve as much as the natural bone and tissue as possible and use the artificial joint components only in areas that cannot be repaired.

Your doctor can explain all of your options and what procedure is best for your situation.

Why Would a Patient Need a Knee Reconstruction?

There are many conditions that can damage a knee to the point where reconstruction or replacement is the only option. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common. This is where the patient suffers pain, inflammation, and stiffness in the knee caused by lifelong wear and tear of the joint.

There are also a number of inflammatory conditions, degenerative diseases, and autoimmune disorders that cause irreparable damage to the knee. One example is gout, which is actually an excess of uric acid that builds up in the knee.

And of course, any kind of traumatic injury to the knee, such as from a car accident or sports injury, can result in damage so severe that reconstruction is recommended.

Suffering from Knee Pain?

If you are suffering from chronic knee pain or you have been told you are a candidate for knee replacement or reconstructive surgery, please call Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania to schedule a consultation with a knee reconstruction doctor in Pottstown, PA. Our medical team will evaluate your condition and determine which option is the best for your case. Call our office today.