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Knee Injections Pottstown, PA

Knee Injections Pottstown, PAIf knee pain has been an issue for you for months or years, you may benefit from knee injections that a Pottstown, PA doctor can provide. People all over the country suffer from knee pain, whether it’s due to a past injury, arthritis or other problem. Living with joint pain that does not go away can have a strong impact on day-to-day life, keeping you from doing tasks or taking part in activities. Luckily, pain relief is possible thanks to revolutionary medical technology. See if you can find relief from your knee pain by going to the Premier Osteoarthritis Centers and speaking with a trusted doctor today. 

Knee Injections in Pottstown, PA

Patients have been relying on Premier Osteoarthritis Centers to receive quality knee pain treatment for years. We prioritize the needs of our patients and committed to finding solutions to resolve their health issues. We specialize in non-invasive procedures that have had amazing results. Our higher success rate makes our approach unique, and we have helped many patients find relief without the need for surgery. You can get back to your normal life and be pain-free. Find out if our treatment options would be beneficial for you by speaking with a knee doctor at Premier Osteoarthritis Centers today. 

Traditional Treatments Used For Knee Pain 

There are a number of common treatments for knee pain that a doctor who provides knee injections for Pottstown, Pennsylvania residents may recommend. A doctor may initially recommend icing, rest, elevation, compression, and a brace for mild to moderate knee pain.  However, some injuries or conditions may require further treatment. If knee pain continues to persist, doctors may suggest steroid or cortisone injections, topical ointments, medication, or surgery for severe conditions. 

Treating a serious knee injury is crucial to prevent permanent damage. If you have been experiencing these symptoms, you should have your knee pain evaluated by a doctor:

  • Your knee is unstable or gives out
  • There is noticeable swelling
  • There is a visible deformity
  • Severe pain after an injury 
  • Cannot fully extend your leg 

Everyone reacts to various treatments differently, so it is critical that you explore your full options. Talk to a doctor about your specific issue and they will work to develop a plan that is tailored for you. 

Ask About Our Advanced Procedure

While injections are commonly used to treat knee pain, our center has a distinct approach that has had positive results. Many places use blind injections, which are not always the most accurate and thus have a high success rate. We guide our injections with a medical imaging device called a fluoroscope, so that our FDA-approved substance is only injected into the proper area. When we administer injections, we want them to be targeted so they are as effective as possible. Our unique procedure helps provide patients with pain relief without surgery or other risky treatments. 

Learn About Options For Pain Relief 

Relief from knee pain is achievable. Ask a doctor at Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania about knee injections available in Pottstown, PA.