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Knee Injections Philadelphia, PAKnee Injections Philadelphia, PA


After you have been suffering from knee pain, you may be wondering if knee injections Philadelphia, PA offers is the right solution for you. Understandably, you do not want to look at surgery as the first option when you are dealing with knee pain. You may also be hesitant to use medication because while that can temporarily help with your pain, it only lasts so long and it does not truly help your knee begin to heal. Knee injections, like PRP therapy, stem cell therapy, and cortisone shots can all help you begin to heal while taking away the pain that comes with knee injuries. Interested in learning more about how we can help? Contact the Premier Osteoarthritis Center of Pennsylvania now. 


Who is most at risk for knee injuries? 


There are a few groups of people who are more at risk for knee injuries, depending on their ages and lifestyles. 



  • Elderly people. Typically, as you age, your bone density begins to wear down and many people develop osteoarthritis. This can leave you in a lot of pain and make walking difficult. 
  • People who are overweight. Your knees take a great deal of pressure doing many movements. When you squat, stand up, walk, or run, you are putting an immense amount of pressure on your knees. The more weight you are carrying around, the more pressure there will be on your knees. 
  • People who are active. If you run or play sports, you are at a higher risk of knee damage. This probably is not a big surprise to you if you have had an ACL injury before or have twisted your knee the wrong way playing sports. 



What are the common symptoms of knee pain?


When you are experiencing knee pain and considering Philadelphia, Pennsylvania knee injections, you may be experiencing some of the following symptoms:


  • An inability to move your knee as much as you have before
  • Pain, tenderness, and swelling
  • Your knee feeling particularly hot
  • You no longer feel that you can put any weight on that leg because it hurts your knee
  • A popping or clicking sensation


How can you help with my knee pain? 


When you are suffering from knee pain, you have different injection options that we can go over with you when you visit our office. For example, if you take corticosteroid injections, you may find that your pain is gone relatively quickly and swelling and inflammation go down as well. 


Want to learn more about knee injections for your knee pain? Speak with the team at the Premier Osteoarthritis Center of Pennsylvania about Philadelphia, Pennsylvania knee injections now.