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Knee Doctor Allentown, PA

Knee Doctor Allentown, PAAs a top Allentown, Pennsylvania knee doctor knows, knee pain is an issue that affects many people across the country, from athletes to construction workers to office workers. It affects people of all different ages and people of various health conditions. Luckily, with treatments utilizing advanced technology and the latest knowledge in the medical field, knee pain relief is possible. Non-surgical treatments have been shown to produce great results for different patients. The knee doctors and pain specialists at Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania have achieved amazing results for their patients, so contact them by scheduling an appointment to learn about treatment procedures that may be effective for you. 

Knee Doctor Allentown, PA

Going to a knee doctor who is familiar with many kinds of knee injuries and conditions is recommended if you are suffering from knee pain that will not go away. However, conventional treatments such as surgery and strong medications tend to have multiple risks. At Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania, we have all-natural, non-invasive, and drug-free treatments that do not come with side effects and are much more safe for patients. We have a number of services available for patients suffering from knee pain. You do not have to endure chronic knee pain. Contact an Allentown, Pennsylvania knee doctor so they can inform you if you are a good candidate for our unique treatment procedures. 

Common Knee Injuries

Though many knee injuries usually heal on their own, a more serious knee injury or persistent knee pain that lasts for more than a few days should be examined by a doctor. Some of the most common knee injuries include torn ACLs, knee fractures, tendonitis, dislocated knees, torn meniscus, and ligament tears. Finding out exactly what injury you have can be tough without seeing a doctor since some serious knee injuries are not outright visible. To determine what kind of knee injury you have, go to a trusted knee doctor so they can do a proper diagnosis.  

When to See a Knee Doctor

It is common for many people to dismiss knee pain. Since most types of knee injuries usually go away without more formal treatment, many people delay seeking the advice of a doctor. However, if you have a knee injury or knee pain that persists for more than 48 hours or does not improve you should go to a doctor to have it evaluated. Your knee injury might actually be a more serious condition that needs more advanced treatments or therapies. 

What a Knee Doctor Can Do For You

To alleviate knee pain, a doctor might recommend rest, icing, and elevation in combination with whatever treatment they suggest for you. One form of treatment are injections, which are done through a fluoroscope. The doctor injects the affected area so the source of the pain is targeted. There are a range of other treatment procedures a knee doctor may recommend for you. To learn more about non-invasive treatments and therapies for knee pain, contact a highly experienced Allentown, PA knee doctor today.