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Arthritis Doctor Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Arthritis Doctor Pottstown, PAWhen you suffer from osteoarthritis, you understand that the pain can be so debilitating that it can be hard to go about your usual tasks during the day. Instead, you may be forced to stay in bed until you feel better or until you take pain medication. As a leading arthritis doctor Pottstown, PA residents’s trust, we know that this is not ideal, however, and many people would prefer not to use strong medications when they can deal with their pain naturally. Unfortunately, many doctors are encouraged to push prescriptions on people instead of teaching their patients to use safer, more natural methods for treating their pain. There are other options, however, and it is possible to begin treating your osteoarthritis with effective methods. For more information on treating osteoarthritis reach out to an arthritis doctor in Pottstown, PA from the Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania.

Why can’t I just treat the pain with medications or injections?

When you just treat the pain, it is like unplugging the fire alarm in your home when a fire starts. You would be treating the symptom—the thing that notifies you of the underlying problem—instead of the actual problem itself. In a sense, the pain that comes with arthritis is helpful because it can help you identify what the problem is so that you can deal with it at its source.

How a Pottstown, PA Arthritis Doctor Can Help You

A doctor for osteoarthritis will try to help with the associated pain. There are a few methods we may utilize or recommend:

  1. Get Up and Move. It may seem counterintuitive since osteoarthritis can cause pain when you move, but exercising is extremely important for your health and it can help in treating and preventing arthritis. Your arthritis doctor in Pottstown, PA will assess your physical capabilities before working on an exercise regimen with you so that you are not pushing yourself too hard.
  2. Choose Your Food Wisely. While there are many medications out there targeted toward people who have arthritis, the side effects can be alarming and even cause further symptoms. Changing up your diet could be one of the biggest and best steps you take in your treatment. In fact, some doctors may recommend certain diets—like the Mediterranean diet or Keto diet—to help reduce your inflammation. Once your inflammation is reduced, you may have a better opportunity to get more active.
  3. Discuss Your Therapy Options. Your arthritis doctor in Pottstown, PA may recommend different types of therapies to help alleviate your pain. Some examples of therapy you might try are:

Fluroscope therapy

  • PRP injections
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Physical therapy

These types of therapy can relieve pain associated with arthritis and can help get blood flowing to heal your body.

Dealing with the pain of osteoarthritis is something that many people suffer from, but you do not have to work through this alone or by using strong medications. Instead, speak with an arthritis doctor in Pottstown, PA from the Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania to see what kind of treatment plan we would utilize for your healing journey.