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Osteoarthritis Doctor Pottstown, PA

Osteoarthritis Doctor Pottstown, PAIf your joint pain is so severe that it is preventing you from enjoying your daily life or taking part in certain activities, it may be time to consult with an osteoarthritis doctor Pottstown, PA trusts. Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania has been a top-rated center for those suffering from arthritis pain. Whether you have experienced a recent injury or are looking for ways to better manage or eliminate pain, a skilled doctor will evaluate your condition and propose possible options. Contact us today to learn more. 

Osteoarthritis Doctor in Pottstown, PA

The highly skilled and dedicated pain relief specialists at Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania are doctors that you can look to if arthritis pain is disrupting your life. They have years of medical practice, specializing in arthritis pain relief, including osteoarthritis. With their services, they have provided relief for numerous patients with various joint conditions, such as fractures, tendonitis, dislocations, and more. Patients have found successful results with their unique procedure, which involves the use of a fluoroscope to ensure more accurate injections that are done at a specific site. Contact them to learn what kind of treatments you may experience positive results from. 

Causes and Symptoms of Arthritis

Arthritis is a common condition that has a number of forms. It is characterized by inflammation of the joints, leading to ongoing pain. Other common symptoms include swelling, mild to severe pain, redness, and warmth. People who have arthritis may find it difficult to perform certain actions using their affected joints, such as holding objects, bending their limbs, and walking.

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common types of arthritis, affecting millions of individuals across the country. Eroding the cartilage that protects the ends of the bones, it is a degenerative condition that cannot be reversed. Though it is not an inevitable condition, some people are more at risk of developing osteoarthritis. 

How a Doctor Treats Osteoarthritis 

A doctor may consider various approaches to treating your arthritis, depending on its progression. It is much easier to treat osteoarthritis while it’s in its early stages. Anti-inflammatory medication, injections, topical creams or ointments, and surgery are common traditional arthritis treatments. In addition to injections or other treatments, a doctor might recommend that you take part in a physical therapy program so you can increase your range of motion and facilitate healing. 

At Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania, we do not rely on blind injections as part of our treatment. Instead, we use a fluoroscope, an imaging device that can help ensure medications are injected into the right area. Traditional blind injections have a much lower success rate, so our approach helps to make the injection more effective so patients can experience positive results. 

Learn How You Can Get Relief From Osteoarthritis 

If you have osteoarthritis that is contributing to your knee or joint pain, it is recommended that you seek the help of a skilled doctor to get lasting relief. You do not have to live with joint pain forever. There is a way for you to restore your mobility and live your life comfortably. Talk to a top osteoarthritis doctor that Pottstown, PA trusts today.