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Orthopedic Knee Surgeon Pottstown Pennsylvania

Orthopedic Knee Surgeon Pottstown PennsylvaniaIf you’ve had chronic knee pain for a long time, knee surgery may be your best option. It can relieve pain, boost mobility and improve your quality of life. However, recovering from knee surgery may take a while and isn’t always easy. It’s important to follow the aftercare instructions your orthopedic knee surgeon in Pottstown Pennsylvania at Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania gave you.

Here are some tips to recover from knee surgery faster.

Take Physical Therapy Seriously

After knee surgery, your orthopedic knee surgeon in Pottstown Pennsylvania will have you attend physical therapy to regain strength. Physical therapy may take a while to complete and may be painful at first. However, in order to ensure a speedy recovery, you must go to all your physical therapy appointments. When you feel uncomfortable or frustrated, remember that it will be well worth it in the end. Your physical therapist may also want you to do some of these exercises at home, do be sure to follow his or her instructions.

Take Good Care of Your Body

The healthier your body is, the faster you will recover from knee surgery. Eat a nutritious diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. If you smoke, try to quit, as smoking shrinks your blood vessels and prolongs your recovery. If you’re overweight, your knee surgeon Pottstown, PA residents trust may recommend losing some weight by reducing your caloric intake. Excess weight can put more pressure on your knee and prolong your recovery. It’s also important to get at least eight hours of sleep a night.

Use Ice 

As an orthopedic knee surgeon in Pottstown Pennsylvania can confirm, swelling is common after knee surgery. Ice is one of the most effective ways to ease swelling. Just put an ice pack on the area a few times a day for 10 to 20 minutes. If the ice feels too cold, wrap a towel around it.

Wear Your Knee Brace

After knee surgery, your orthopedic knee surgeon in Pottstown Pennsylvania may want you to wear a knee brace for a while. It will help protect and stabilize your knee, so wear it as frequently as possible.

Participate in Approved Exercises

After knee surgery, it isn’t good to just sit around on the couch all day. Regular movement will help improve your range of motion and speed up recovery. However, you have to be careful about the types of exercises you do. Running, lifting weights and other high-intensity exercises aren’t permitted. Your doctor may allow you to do lightweight exercises, like walking, swimming, and cycling. If you feel pain while doing any exercise, you should stop what you’re doing immediately and report it to your doctor.

If you have additional questions about your recovery, you should not hesitate to contact your orthopedic knee surgeon in Pottstown Pennsylvania.