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Knee Surgeon Reading, PA

Knee Surgeon Reading, PA

If you suffer from knee pain that is affecting how you do your daily routine or enjoy your favorite activities, it may be time for you to see a knee surgeon in Reading, PA who can evaluate your condition. The doctors at Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania offer a specialized treatment method that has resulted in more effective results for patients with a variety of knee conditions. Waiting too long to treat your knee pain can cause more complications to develop, making your injury or condition more difficult to treat. It is important that you go to a doctor to examine your knee if you have ongoing pain that has persisted for weeks and has not improved. Come to our center to see if you are a right candidate for our treatment. 

Knee Surgeon in Reading, PA

At Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania, we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve significant or permanent pain relief. We have a passionate team of doctors and wellness professionals who have the skills and experience to treat a diverse set of knee conditions. Scot Paris is our medical director and has been a practicing General Surgeon for almost two decades. He is familiar with traditional knee treatments such as surgery, so he has witnessed firsthand how patients have gone through invasive treatments only to experience less than effective results. Our center offers a non-invasive injection that has a higher success rate than what are known as blind injections. Talk to a doctor today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our services. 

How Knee Pain Occurs

Knee pain can occur due to an injury, medical condition or as a natural part of aging. Walking, standing, sitting and lifting frequently can cause or worsen knee pain. Certain occupations such as people who sit at a desk for long periods of time are prone to developing knee pain. Most of the time knee pain goes away, but for some individuals it is a chronic condition and can benefit from medical attention from a knee surgeon in Reading, PA. Treating knee pain properly can prevent it from worsening. 

The knee is a complex part of the body, and is composed of joints, tendons and cartilage. When one part of the knee is affected, it can compromise mobility and flexibility. Wear and tear can lead to pain and inflammation within the knee, restricting movement. 

Benefits of Guided Injections 

Our specialized injections use a FDA-approved substance which has been effective for reducing or eliminating pain. The substance lubricates the cartilage in the knee, reducing friction and facilitating movement. With a device called a fluoroscope, our procedure guides injections so they are administered in a localized area. Because our knee pain injections are much more targeted, they have resulted in more effective results in comparison to standard blind injections. Patients have reported relief shortly after receiving our treatment. Discover if you are eligible to undergo our unique procedure today so you can be  pain-free. 

Knee Pain Relief is Possible

If you want to know more about how our services can benefit you, schedule an appointment to meet with a knee surgeon that Reading, PA residents trust.