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Knee Surgeon Allentown, PA

Knee Surgeon Allentown, PASevere knee pain that is troubling you and disrupting your daily activities may be a sign that you need to see a Knee surgeon Allentown, PA, clients recommend. Whether you have recently suffered a painful knee injury or have had chronic knee pain for a while, it may be the right time to ask an experienced and reputable doctor about treatment solutions that can provide permanent relief. The specialists at Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania have decades of experience treating patients who have had knee injuries and other conditions that affect the knee. Schedule an appointment to learn if these procedures are suitable for you. 

Knee Surgeon in Allentown, PA

The experienced team of arthritis doctors at Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania have long been known as a trusted and reputable center that patients go to for effective treatments. They offer effective procedures that have been proven to reduce or eliminate pain for many patients. As a facility that offers DFA approved, fluoroscope-assisted injections, their procedure has a higher accuracy than traditional injections for arthritis relief. You can learn more about the available services by calling our office. 

When Knee Surgery is Necessary

One type of knee injury that requires surgery is a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Frequently affecting athletes, a torn ACL is a serious injury that needs immediate medical attention. A noticeable popping sound is usually heard when a person suffers a torn ACL. Pain and swelling also occurs, which causes the knee to collapse because it is unable to bear weight. Generally, ACL injuries are common among athletes who play sports that involve frequent contact, such as football or basketball. The maneuvers they make in order to make plays or avoid other players can result in damage to the ligament.

In order to treat an ACL injury, an Allentown, Pennsylvania knee surgeon performs reconstructive surgery, using a graft to repair the ligament in the knee. The material used for the graft can be bone parts of your bone or tendon. The recovery period after ACL surgery is generally about 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the injury. A patient will need to walk with crutches before they are able to put their full weight on their knees. For more information about ACL injuries and how they are treated, you can ask a knee doctor during your consultation.

Who Is Affected By Knee Pain 

Certain people may be more prone to knee pain. A person’s lifestyle, occupational role, or activities they’re involved in can make them more at risk of sustaining a knee injury. People who play sports, hike, or take part in other recreational activities are more vulnerable. As a person ages, knee pain might develop and become more of an issue. 

Pain Relief is Possible

While surgery is not always necessary, if you have a serious knee injury it is important to explore your full options and determine whether it is appropriate for you. Set up a consultation with a knee surgeon trusted by Allenton, PA from Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania if you want to learn possible treatment solutions for your knee pain.