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Knee Injections Doctor Reading, PA

knee injections doctor Reading, PAIf you have been bothered by knee pain as a result of an injury or other problem, you may benefit from talking to a knee injections doctor Reading, PA. Affecting millions of people, knee pain has many causes. Though most incidents of knee pain do resolve on their own with time, rest, and home remedies, other cases of knee pain require professional treatment. Patients who visit Premier Osteoarthritis Centers can rely on a caring and professional team to help end their knee pain and other forms of joint pain. Call now to schedule an appointment. 

Knee Injections Doctor in Reading, PA

At Premier Osteoarthritis Centers, you can depend on a skilled and experienced doctor to give you the treatment you need to live life free of knee pain. We are committed to serving our patients so that they can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle that is not disrupted by constant pain. With our non-invasive, non-surgical option patients don’t have to be concerned about additional risks. Our injections have been successful for patients with various types of knee pain in a majority of cases. Learn more about our services by scheduling an appointment now. 

Common Causes of Knee Pain

The causes of knee pain differ from person to person and vary widely. It can be caused by an injury, fall, collision, diseases or conditions such as arthritis. As people get older, they may develop knee pain. Other mechanical problems in other parts of the body can lead to knee pain. For example, if a person experiences foot pain they may adjust their movements which could put stress on the knee joint. 

People tend to recover from knee pain in a few days, but if knee pain lasts for more than a few days or the condition does not change with the help of ice or other remedies, you should have a knee injections doctor in Reading, Pennsylvania examines it. 

A person may be more vulnerable to knee pain based on their activities, family medical history or lifestyle choices. Risk factors include smoking, being involved in sports, and doing moderate to high-impact exercises.

Our Advanced Technology Procedure

Many doctors use blind injections, but our method of treating knee pain is different. We use medical imaging equipment called a fluoroscope so that we see exactly where the injection is inserted into. This results in a more accurate injection so it only affects the target area of your knee joint. Many of our patients have experienced significant results thanks to our approach. Talk to a knee doctor to learn more about the procedure. 

Explore How You Can Live a Pain-Free Life

End your knee pain so that you can enjoy your favorite activities and lead a healthy and comfortable life. If you want to avoid getting surgery to treat your knee pain, there are non-invasive solutions available that can give you the results you are looking for. Schedule an appointment now to speak with a skilled knee injections doctor trusted by Reading, PA residents.